About Us

We are a community of ten Lutheran parishes and three affiliated outreach ministries proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word, music, and deed in the city of San Francisco. We’d like to introduce ourselves and invite you to join us in worship and service.

Our congregations reflect the history and diversity of San Francisco. We offer worship services in Spanish (St. Mary and St. Martha) and German (St. Matthew) as well as in English. Similarly,our congregations offer a variety of worship styles, from very traditional to very innovative.  There are numerous opportunities for worship throughout the week. You are welcome to join us for worship, Holy Communion, fellowship,and coffee.

We also offer a number of opportunities for study, service, and socialization. Many of our churches regularly share their facilities with other, non-Lutheran, congregations, schools, and 12-Step programs and also sponsor community events on an occasional basis.

If you are looking for a Lutheran church in which to worship on your trip to San Francisco, want to talk to a clergyperson, or are seeking a church home, please call our member churches, visit their websites, or just stop by!

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